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Husum Business Park is offering commercial building plots for sale in varying sizes

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Our existing Industrial Park is currently being extended to make room for the Westcoast Business Park. Around 250,000 square metres are up for sale, that’s roughly the equivalent of 35 football pitches! Welcome to the feast! Maybe this is just the moment to plan on one of the bigger plots before it‘s too late, or if a smaller one is more your thing, the choice is yours.

Hand in hand with the new project come new job and training prospects to add to our already healthy local economy. Secure your piece of the action and join us in Husums Westcoast Business Park!

Martin Kindl

Martin Kindl, Town Mayor

The „Interessengemeinschaft Gewerbegebiet Ost e.V. (IGO)“, the Industrial Park East businessmen‘s group, is the largest trade/business association in Husum.

Ole Singelmann

Ole Singelmann, President of the IGO

Since its inauguration in 1989 the IGO, the Industrial Park East is home to a broad mix of over 450 companies connected to the commercial trade and services sector. (Source: Flensburg Chamber of Commerce 2019)

“We have here a well developed, attractive Industrial Park encompassing a good selection of businesses, an intact infrastructure and good job and training opportunities. We are delighted at the expansion! Of course the IGO will be of help should questions arise concerning the topics of office space or storage facilities, warehousing etc. We have a tried and tested network and welcome every newcomer. Our “IGO- Magazine “ published quarterly, will give you more insight into the workings of the Park as will a look at our image film made on occasion of our 30th anniversary “

Networker Economic/Business Development Corporation Nordfriesland (WFG NF)

Together with other communities in NF, Husum’s economic development body can advise on questions of funding, sourcing skilled labour etc. The WFG NF is closely tied into the regional economy with access to funding institutes within Schleswig-Holstein, open to both new and established businesses. In addition to investment funding ,programmes are in place to promote the development of skilled labour, innovations and additional staff recruitment. In short, the support system for potential and existing customers is already in place.

Dr. Matthias Hüppauff

Dr. Matthias Hüppauff, Managing Director WFG NF


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About Husum

Your new neighbourhood

Husum is your ideal business location for trade, craftsmanship, business partners and services.

The town of Husum is a delightful mix of old and new, a quaint little fishing harbour and a shiny modern Congress and Exhibition Centre all at once, attracting tourists and day trippers all year round.

The town is on the main railway intercity network with hourly connections to Hamburg and Kiel. There’s a small airport for light aircraft in neighbouring Schwesing,a good bus network or a walk or bike will get you to the Business Park.The area has been well thought out with plenty of shopping and eating possibilities available during working hours.


Just next door: the Nordsee Congress Centre

Just across the road, two military barracks house the surface-to-air Missile wing 1 of the German army and a Special Engineer Regiment164 “Nordfriesland “, employing 2000 army personnel, male and female, a long-standing institution in the town. Deeply embedded in the local economy the barracks and its personnel are a solid and very well respected part of the community.


Husum's harbour front

“Stormstadt", a poem written over 160 years ago by Husum’s most famous son, Theodor Storm, tells of his love of his grey home town by the North Sea and made it nationally famous. The first tourists came on a pilgrimage to his birthplace and tourism was born. The Theodor- Storm-Centre with its Archive is visited by researchers from all over the world. One change though, the town is a riot of colour!

The UNESCO World Heritage Site ,the Wadden Sea ,unique to this coastline, the quaint harbour, the tiny shrimp-fishing boats, the salty air and frequent stiff breeze,the proximity of town and wild nature are for many an ideal work and life mix.Endless activities for all ages beckon at weekends and evenings, clubs galore cater to every interest,not surprising then that Husum is forever moving onwards and up!


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Michael Schirduan

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